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Friday, July 30, 2010

International Hip Hop Festival & Holland

I can't believe a week and a half has already passed since I got back from The Netherlands. I feel like it's actually taken that long to let the whole experience soak in. From start to finish, it was amazing. I'll never forget all the dope heads we met, the places we saw, the conversations we had. Every time I'm in a foreign country, I'm torn between 2 ways of experiencing it. #1 being as a Photographer - shooting non-stop and coming home with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of visuals to show my family and friends. #2 is the senses-all-in way. By this I mean, not looking at anything through a lens but only through my eyes and really, really soaking everything in.

On this particular trip, I was able to find a perfect balance. I came back to Toronto with some incredible memories - a lot of those really laugh-able ones. You know, when you're sitting on the subway or walking down the street and you get your L-O-L game up, just thinking about a particular conversation or something that happened. Mad shout-outs to my travel sisters, Lori and JenJen. xo

Let's get to the goods though, right? I've posted 102 shots in a public Facebook album that you are more than welcome to check out. These are some of my personal trip highlights. Everything from the food we ate to the ill fiends we rolled with.

Recommended listening: Jazzy Ivy, the Korean emcee/producer who hosted the World BBoy Classic.

Much love,

Monday, July 19, 2010

More Rotterdam Photo Love!

Alright, that was my bad for leaving y'all so long without any Hip Hop Huis breakin' shots from our first night in Rotterdam. Since this is my last day in The Netherlands and my laptop is overflowing with photos, I thought it would be a good time to share some trip highlights with ya. So, without further ado....

Shout outs to all our new fam in The Netherlands!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Bboy Classic

Yesterday we attended the World BBoy Classic battle. BBoys & BGirls from all over the world came to Rotterdam to battle! It started with about 100 contestants from all over the world that got matched up randomly in pairs, then the final rounds with 16 teams, that led to 2 teams reaching the end and going 5 rounds each. The winning team ending up being from FL!!! One of the guys is even from Orlando just like me. :) Over all it was such a crazy event. I never experienced a bboy event that big. Glad to know it's such a great movement.

More pictures coming soon!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hallo Rotterdam!

For the last few weeks, I've been counting down the days on my calendar like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Finally, I arrived in Amsterdam this morning! Thankfully I was able to catch some sleep on the 7 hour flight from Toronto. After a solid loitering sesh at Schiphol Airport (Sidebar: did anyone else see that Schiphol was a TT on Twitter today??) while Lori and JenJen finished up a shoot, I was greeted by fresh kicks and even fresher smiles when the two met me at Arrivals 3. FSF on that international tip! Bawse. Much love to Tyrone, and the BBoy crew, straight off a plane from Korea, for letting us catch a lift with them to Rotterdam.

After a stop at our hotel and a meet and greet with the International Hip Hop Festival organizers, we headed over to Hip Hop Huis. Now, with homie Tyrone on the decks, you already KNOW there was some breakin going down!

Let's just say that we were witnesses of some maaaaad skills tonight. It's 9pm Toronto time and 3am Rotterdam time so that means it's bedtime. I'll leave you with these shots for now. Tomorrow's about to be live! More photos coming soon!